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“If you are looking for a great Bellevue WA moving service and a good name that you can trust, Air Van Moving Company is an excellent local business you can count on.” This is the opening line from one of the customers of Air Van Movers who had a positive experience with this company when she decided to move her family from New York to Bellevue WA.

bellevue WA moving company
Bellevue Movers

In addition to being a reliable moving service, the owner of the Bellevue WA moving service, Bill B. had made an impressive first impression with his references on the Internet.

He has lived in Bellevue for many years and has even done a job as a handyman in the area. He has moved his own furniture in the past and has a lot of knowledge about the area and where everything is located in the new city. Bill is very open about what is not included in his moving quote, and also about what will be involved in the entire process.

Bill has spent quite a bit of time with other Bellevue WA moving service and knows all about what to expect. He knows the different services offered by the different movers that will need to be handled and what to expect in the overall move process. Bill knows that there will be times when the move will take more time than expected but he is up to speed on how to handle it. Bill is also well-versed in how to go about finding the best moving service in the area.

One of the advantages that Bill enjoys with his relocation service is that they have a list of companies that they are happy to share their contacts with. Bill will let you know what other customers think about certain companies and if they recommend any of them for your moving needs.

Air Van Movers has been in the business for over 20 years and Bill was happy to let me know that over that time, there have only been a few complaints against the company. Although Air Van Movers was the company that my mother moved to in the beginning, she was unhappy at the pace at which the company went at the end of the day.

She felt as though there were too many hoops that needed to be jumped through to make sure that everything was moving along smoothly. Since then, the company has made several changes that were designed to make moving much smoother for its customers. The customer service is always on top of it, and the moving companies are trained to handle all types of moves.

In the end, I feel comfortable recommending Air Van Movers to anyone looking to move in Bellevue WA. because it is a reliable company and has the right amount of expertise to help you get the most out of your move.