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Protezy ZBowe Toru Pro comes with a bright backlit display. The USB stick provides flash drive connectivity through USB 2.0, the universal serial bus. USB connections are necessary for the functioning of the PDA Protezy ZBowe Toru Pro.

protezy zębowe Toruń

Protezy ZBowe Toru Pro has Wi-Fi connectivity as well. It can connect to a mobile phone or online services such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. A flash drive is not sufficient to run this model of PDA Protezy ZBowe Toru Pro. It has a memory upgrade to let you store several text files or photos, you can store them on the internal flash memory or transfer them from the internal memory to the flash memory. The flash memory can be used for additional programs and functions.

protezy zbowe Toru

If you are into some real professional work and working under pressure, Protezy ZBowe Toru Pro may not be suitable for you. It is recommended that you use a computer with Wi-Fi capability to transfer data from the internet to the PDA Protezy ZBowe Toru Pro and vice versa.

Protezy ZBowe Toru Pro uses Proteztek digital camera with a high-quality lens. It will allow you to record video in large size and even work without worrying about taking a lot of pictures, in case you need to edit it later. Its memory card slot is of CompactFlash type. You will have to take care of its durability.

The accessory Protezy ZBowe Toru Pro allows you to convert the PDA files on an external computer, via USB, which are then saved on your computer. A USB-to-USB cable is necessary for the connection of the PDA Protezy ZBowe Toru Pro to the USB port of the external computer.

The accessories Protezy ZBowe Toru Pro allows you to charge the battery of Proteztek through a USB port. To charge the battery of Proteztek through a USB port, Protezy ZBowe Toru Pro should have a USB port for the cord to be connected. The Protezy ZBowe Toru Pro, like other PDA’s, have a built-in power source for the LCD screen, clock, navigation and battery level display. The system performs best when the battery is fully charged.

As for its portability, Protezy ZBowe Toru Pro can fit in all suitcases, purses and carry cases. The rear cover comes off to enable you to carry Protezy ZBowe Toru Pro around, or to take it with you. The battery indicator is just visible on the screen. It functions even when there is no battery attached.