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“The Woodlands Pool builder company has been a trusted resource for years. I have a pool that I enjoy using and I always get a high grade of workmanship and customer service from them. The pool builders and service they provide to their clients are second to none.” Jennifer L.

professional pool builders

Bill Pritchard, Fort Worth

“I have two pools that are in Fort Worth. The first one was built by the Woodlands pool builders and I have used them for both swimming and general pool maintenance. The second one was just finished and I had to hire a pool contractor to finish it. They did a great job, saved money, and saved me a ton of time.

“My family and I have enjoyed using the above ground pool at my house for several years. I live out in the country so the water doesn’t get too hot unlike the inground pool my husband has at his house. Because of this, I have always wanted a custom pool. Because of my love of water, especially rivers and streams, I always wanted something with a large waterfall and water features. My professional pool builders and designers at The Woodlands Company exceeded my wishes.”

“I live in Chicago and my husband and I build custom decks. We build them so we can have an area to barbecue all year round. I would love to have a pool that fits this description, but I just don’t want a rectangular shaped pool. The professional pool builders at The Woodlands Company helped us find just the right shape for our needs.”

“I’m a little older and I’m just not physically active. I take walks around the lake every evening. I really don’t want to be bending over backwards to get into my pool. The professional pool builders at The Woodlands Company helped to design a swimming pool that’s easy to get into. The deck area has multiple water features, including a lazy river that flows gently and contours to the curves of my body as I walk on it. There are also trees that contour into the pool with streams flowing into it from the back.”

“I’m a senior citizen living out of town. I’m not active in town much. The other part of me that worries me is my health. I’m worried about slipping and falling in the pool. The professional pool builders at The Woodlands Company have designs on how to incorporate safety into my pool.

“I live out of town but I still like to go out in the sun and enjoy the weather. I’m on a weight loss plan and am trying to reduce my fat intake. I want a pool that will help me if I should decide to go back to the pool. I love the landscaping and water features at The Woodlands Company. The professional pool builders were able to design a pool that is just the right size for my situation.”

“I love being outside. I want a pool that is going to protect me while I’m outside and active. The water feels safe when I swim in it.” “I love my pool at The Woodlands. It’s made me a better cook and I feel more relaxed knowing that it is in the best shape possible.”

“I love to play in the pool. I want to be able to get in there and really swim and be refreshed afterwards. My friends and family want to swim with me but I don’t want to be squished by them. The swimming pool builders designed a pool that is specifically friendly to swimmers of all ages. I can bounce off the walls and my children won’t bump into me when they play in it. It’s perfect for me.”

“I love going on trips with my family. I want to be able to take my pool with me. When we go to other states, I want my pool in my backyard so that I can take a dip whenever I feel like. The other pool builders designed swimming pools with me in mind. I no longer have to work to make my children happy.”

These are just a few of the reasons why professional pool builders are a good choice for you and your pool building project. They will listen to what you want and take it from there. They will consult with you to make sure you have all of the specifications you need for your pool and make sure your pool will fit in the space you have available. They will also help if you run into any problems along the way and make sure everything is completed on schedule and on budget.