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How to get a toddler to listen to you is often a mystery to parents. This is because most parents think they have the best solution – getting the child to sit still for hours while they read an instruction manual or an explanation. However, this does not work, as even a small child with very little self-control may easily be persuaded to disrupt the parent’s conversation or play games. The best solution is to make the child feel like they matter, and then encourage them to behave appropriately.

First of all, try not to become frustrated with your child. If they are behaving badly, do not punish them. Try to remain cool and collected and try not to yell at them in a loud voice or shout at them in a louder voice. Resist the temptation to repeat yourself over. No one really wants to spend his toddlerhood shouting or exasperating. It is nagging and unwanted attention which sends the wrong signal.

how to get a toddler to listen

Next, find some comfortable sitting places where the child is not likely to move or disturb you. If possible, choose an area away from the television and other distractions. Once you are there, use your voice to speak softly to your child. Remain relaxed, and speak slowly so that your voice is easy to understand and not annoying. If you are not confident, try to read to them or play a game with them. As with most things, patience is the key. The child will eventually learn to respect you and listen to you, so don’t give up until they have.

Another tip for how to get a toddler to listen to you is to encourage them to talk. You need to help the child establish relationships with others, but remember that talking is a skill they will not develop if they do not receive attention. {from you and their peers. Therefore, it is important to give them encouragement by asking them to talk to other people. They need to feel wanted and needed, as well as being understood and not rejected.

Finally, avoid getting upset or frustrated if your child tries to disrupt the conversation. Do not punish or yell at them, and do not argue with them when they are wrong. This may discourage them from listening to you. and will only make them resent you in the long run.

With these few tips, you should be able to make learning how to get a toddler to listen easier. With persistence and consistency, you will see that it is an enjoyable process and one that teach your child to respect you and pay attention.