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In the case of spa and sauna facilities, which offer a wide range of treatments including the so-called ‘A’ menu, it is hard to know where to start. For instance, what is an Ala Carte Treatment? Aha, the old cliche from the land of the south is certainly true, “There is no other way”.

As an Australian I can imagine how much it is worth when it comes to a really well-known yoga retreat thailand koh samui that offers these treatments. It is also true for the various Thai massage resorts that offer some pretty great Ala Carte treatments. The problem is that the Ala Carte treatment for us Australians is so hard to get hold of, or at least it was until recently. Well, it is true again, people are still dying to get their hands on some Ala Carte treatments but the facilities available to treat our masses are actually pretty limited.

Although the now famous Yoga retreat Thailand also offers some quite fantastic treatments, we don’t have anywhere near the facilities available to take advantage of them as some of the most popular treatments in Thailand. This is partly due to the fact that the Westerners don’t like Thailand and part of it has to do with the political situation in that country. That said, the beautiful tropical locations, the diving sites, the deep-sea fish foraging, the stunning waterfalls, the exotic bird life and so much more are still unique enough to draw a large number of holiday makers each year.

And to top it all off the Yoga retreat is only the beginning of the facilities available. They also offer advanced classes, massage therapy, homeopathic healing, and a lot more to add to the total package.

Personally, I have stayed at some of the most fabulous spas and saunas in Australia and they are just as good as the ones found in Thailand. With the air conditioning and outdoor facilities that are available, the conditions are better and the prices are a lot more reasonable.

Ala carte treatments

Unfortunately there is no Ala Carte treatment available for the Yoga retreat and spa in Australia, which is unfortunate. But don’t worry, the retreat doesn’t focus on just the basics, they take it one step further to include various advanced classes and they do this without sacrificing the basics.

It is a shame that the spa and sauna facilities are not available to tourists to Australia but when it comes to Thailand, it is actually the other way around. It is nice to see that there are such a wide variety of treatments available to treat a wide range of ailments that are usually treated at the spa and yoga retreats.

The cost of the program is relatively low but when you look at the programs offered by the other great sports medicine spa in Thailand, the inclusion of the heart-cleansing programs and training in bio-impedance analysis it makes more sense to pay a little extra. This allows you to fully integrate the advanced treatment courses and physical training into your daily routine. And if you stay at the Ayurvedic health center they will also provide an exclusive Thai Massage for just an additional charge of $25 per person.