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The Purpose of Absolute Sanctuary Retreats: To provide our clients with a host of tools for achieving the optimum fitness levels possible. These tools will include: Yoga classes, Prenatal and Child Development Programs, Thai Massage, Traditional Yoga, Aerobics, Pilates, Tai Chi, Bodybuilding, Skinny Jogging, Rock Climbing, Water Sports, Skiing, Swimming, Hiking, Camping, Cycling, Swimming, Scuba Diving, Jeet Kune Do, Kung Fu, Krav Maga, and Boxing.

What are the Types of Martial Arts: You are probably familiar with our Karate class, Kung Fu, Thai style Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do, and maybe even some types of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). What are the Five Major Types of Sports? They are:

What are the Types of Instruction? When we teach Martial Arts, or Sports classes, we focus on physical techniques that can be applied in a professional level competition. This requires a lot of energy and focus, and also some physical discipline. If you are going to do this type of thing, and/or if you have an interest in trying, then we recommend that you go into Martial Arts, or Sports training as part of your wellness and physical fitness routine.

Pilates classes

What is Included at Yoga Retreats? The main components of our exercises and programs include Yoga classes, Hatha Yoga classes, body relaxation techniques, and cool, refreshing air conditioning. With these basic elements, we encourage a relaxed, calm state of mind and body to obtain optimal health. When you return to your regular life after a Yoga retreat, you will experience better sleep, clearer thinking, and a better sense of balance.

How Long Are Yoga Retreats? At our Eco Yoga Retreats, you are provided with a one or two-day retreat, or you can opt for an extended retreat combo packages.

How Often Are Yoga Retreats Provided? Our Yoga classes include many different sessions on a regular basis. For most clients, we offer a one-day retreat, or an extended retreat, or a combo package, which combines Yoga and Pilates classes into one “pack.”

What is Included at Yoga Retreats? If you select an extended retreat, you will be traveling by air. We expect this to take about a week, and in this time, you will spend your time meditating, breathing deeply, and performing all the other essential Yoga exercises. Some people may feel that they cannot live without the use of the treadmill, and we understand this.

What is Included at Yoga Retreats? There are many reasons why so many people choose to go on a Yoga retreat. These activities include physical discipline, calm, and relaxation, and mental and emotional balance. Many people find that after their physical work is done, their bodies feel so relieved and rejuvenated that they have more energy and focus to concentrate on the other parts of their wellness program, such as their skin care regime, nutrition, meditation, and their stress-reduction techniques.