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An author who lives and breathes New York’s literary scene, Chairman Douglas Ebenstein was born and raised in the Big Apple and is now an American citizen. As a child, he enjoyed reading and watching movies that depicted the city he grew up in, namely the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, along with other sights and sounds.

He graduated from Barnard College in Manhattan and has since spent most of his time writing books about the city, as well as his own experiences in it. A self-confessed lover of all things New York, Ebenstein is known to travel and stay in the city as much as possible. His new novel, City on Fire: The Search for Justice on the Brooklyn Bridge, is a must read for anyone interested in the story of a man and his efforts to find justice for the death of a woman he was once involved with.

One of Chairman Douglas Ebenstein’s most popular books to date, City on Fire details the story of a man named Mark, who was involved in a minor car accident and lost the use of one of his legs. Mark later came to the attention of a private investigator, who became his partner in tracking down those responsible for this terrible accident. Once they discovered what had happened, the pair decided to pursue justice against the individual(s) responsible.

Men and women are both enthralled by this tale. Readers will get to witness the trials and tribulations of a man’s life when they delve deeper into the story. Ebenstein has created a riveting and suspenseful story, which is sure to be loved by everyone who reads it.

Men and women of all ages will enjoy this thrilling tale. This novel is also highly recommended for parents and teachers as a fun and entertaining read. Children will certainly enjoy reading about a young man who is a bit on the rebellious side and tries to bring about change in the world around him.

As a former teacher, I believe Chairman Douglas Ebenstein is a man who is able to impart his knowledge and experience. He does not only write and publish novels about the city he grew up in, but he also has extensive knowledge of the legal system in this country. I am sure he shares this knowledge with his readers.