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  • This slideshow is appropriate for model tourists, and bloggers as well as anybody who want to know more about the journey to Italy. It’s a journey that take some time, but anyone who has gone through it knows that you cannot put a price on the memories and the emotions that you can get out of it.

The first place you should visit is Nunoo Europe, where the author lives in a lovely villa. Napoleon is another typical French town that has many shops, restaurants, and a visitor center that is open all day every day. You will see the most number of people in this town on the day of the French march. As a tourist you will be able to experience some of the main festivities that are celebrated during the French revolution.

Nunoo Europe

The second town that you should visit is L’Aiglon, also in the Gallo-Roman region. L’Aiglon is an ancient city that has many artworks dating back from Roman times. During the Roman Empire L’Aiglon was the capital of Gallia Narbonensis, but in the early Middle Ages it became the largest city of Gallo-Roman Gaul, one of the kingdoms of the Roman Empire.

You should also visit the town of Le Rocher, which are an important old burg of the British Isles, and the largest market town of the Loire Valley. The French are popular in Le Rocher because they like to dress in their traditional garb. The author is also fond of smoking.

The third town you should visit is Napoleon de Saligny, where the author lives with his family. The town is close to the Moselle River, but you cannot find it easily. The Moselle River cuts this town in two and to access it you need to travel through the Strasbourg forest. The author has a house in the town of Honfleur.

The fourth town is the one that everyone would love to visit, and the rest of the Loire Valley. Madame Martin Zuccarello is the second-largest city of France, and the town of Vincennes is its capital. It is also the most modern city of France. To access the bookstores you will need to go through Vincennes, but to access the museums, libraries you will need to go through Colleville, which is a village in the Vincennes district.

Finally, the fifth town you should visit is Koln, which is the city where the author was born. The author’s uncle also lived in Koln, and they were very close. The author is fond of having a good time during the summer months, so the whole town should have special events planned for the summer.