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Utah has been known for a long time as the place to go for substance abuse treatment. In fact, the state has been recognized as the “medically-inclined center” of the United States for nearly forty years. This is in part due to the state’s commitment to providing addiction treatment. But it is also thanks to the facility that provides care for patients and their families when they are dealing with addiction issues.

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Numerous drug rehabilitation centers in Utah offer addiction recovery support through therapies and programs, counseling services, patient education, and inpatient and outpatient services. With such a large number of drug-free facilities available, it is important to seek out the best treatment and rehab services available in the area. Here are some of the most popular options in Utah for those who need treatment for substance abuse issues.

Liberty Addiction Recovery: The most well-known of the three residential treatment facilities in Utah is the Liberty Addiction Recovery. Situated in the high desert in Orem, Liberty Addiction Recovery has been providing treatment for drug and alcohol addiction since 1974. For this reason, many people in Utah are familiar with the concept and practice of the Liberty Addiction Recovery and have utilized the facility for substance abuse treatment. The main strength of the facility is its reputation for recovery and success, so patients who wish to find the best way to make recovery a reality can visit this facility for quality treatment.

The Washington County Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center: Many Utahns know the name “Washington County Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center.” Since it was established in 1964, this facility has grown into one of the top drug and alcohol treatment centers in the state. With around eighty beds in total, Washington County Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center provides comprehensive services for patients who wish to continue to gain success after they leave the facility.

North Face Drug Rehab: Located just outside of the city of Salt Lake City, North Face Drug Rehab is among the more traditional in the category of drug and alcohol rehab centers. With a five-star reputation, North Face offers a professional service for those who require addiction treatment. North Face Drug Rehab has been recognized as one of the top drug rehab facilities in the state. Whether it is to recover from an addiction problem or just to get clean, North Face is committed to providing effective services for all types of substance abuse.

Repent Care of Utah: Repent Care of Utah is a smaller facility that was established in 1997. Although it may seem small compared to the other treatment centers mentioned above, Repent Care of Utah has grown to become one of the better treatment centers in Utah. Its approach is a comprehensive approach that is designed to provide treatment for every type of drug abuse and addiction. With a large intake of patients, this drug rehab center has proven that they are one of the top treatment facilities in the state.

Liberty Addiction Recovery has a strong history of providing outstanding care for their patients. With a special focus on the process of recovery, Liberty Addiction Recovery offers a variety of recovery options for both inpatient and outpatient clients. With strong relationships within the community, and an emphasis on treating the whole person, the facility provides a holistic approach to addiction treatment. Patients and their families can expect professional support to help them in their recovery journey.

Though there are several places to go for drug rehab in Utah, a good choice is to seek out a rehab facility that is fully accredited. Utah is a state that prides itself on providing the highest level of care and treatment for those suffering from addiction issues. With so many options to choose from, it is no wonder that so many people are choosing to seek out treatment at a substance abuse rehab center in Utah.